What can I do at the docathon?

We encourage anybody interested in creating better documentation to contribute during the week, wherever you are. You can participate in the Docathon remotely by signing up either as a participant or a project (more info below).

We'll also have some meetup groups in the following locations:

We'll have a few tutorials on the first day that are live-streamed on Youtube (more info coming).

Signup as project

Signup Link | Guide for Projects

First, you can offer a project that could use some documentation love. This might be an open-source package that is lacking in examples, that needs docstring improvements, or that simply needs somebody other than the author to make decisions about how to describe things. It could also be a tool or codebase that is designed to help with documentation or make it more effective.

We'll keep track of the documentation-related commits on this nifty dashboard here

Signup as a participant

Signup Link | Guide for Participants

Second, you can offer your own time during the Docathon to work on the projects that are officially on-board. Alternatively, you can work on your own personal projects (so long as you're working on documentation!). Check out our guide for more tips on how to contribute.

Here are some projects that have already signed up. See the full list at (projects/projects.html):

Host your own docathon!

Signup Link for Hosts

While we'll have a physical presence here at BIDS, we'd love for other folks to host their own docathons as well. We're flexible in what exactly this means, but we'd love to know if you'll be working on documentation stuff at the same time that we are.