Want to host a Docathon remotely?

It is very easy! We welcome anybody to join in from around the world. We will coordinately loosely before / during the event, but feel free to do things the way that you'd like to.

Here's what to do:

  • create a pull request on our Github repo. In this PR, there should be:
  • A new file in blog/content/pages/hosts/ where XX is the name of your institute. here's a link to the folder.
  • This file should contain the following information:
    • When are you meeting?
    • How to get to the host place?
    • Are you organizing anything special during this week?
  • Add your institute to the file
  • Make the PR on the master branch.

To see an example, look at the list of hosts presented here.

If some of that is confusing to you, then don't hesitate to open an issue on our repo here

Here's a list of the groups that are participating so far!

You can also request and invite, to our slack channel or directly head to if you already have a login.