Closing Message

Sent: November 20, 2018

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your support and participation in our group over the past few years, first as The Hacker Within and now as the Data Analysis Tools Series.

When we first started out, conversations about data science and research computing were in few places on campus. Over the past few years, that’s changed a lot, culminating in the recent announcement of a new data science initiative. As opportunities across campus have become more plentiful, attendance at our meetings has dropped off and it’s less clear that we are serving a specific audience excluded by these other options. Thus, we’ve decided that we should end the Data Analysis Tools Series / The Hacker Within.

What was to be the last meeting of DATS on 12/3 is now the first meeting of the Berkeley Carpentries Club, a group dedicated to bringing together instructors of research computing tools, which includes you, if you’ve ever led a session of DATS/THW. (The Carpentries are an international organization devoted to instruction of coding and data science tools, but this group is not limited to those with affiliation.) We hope to encourage collaborations on existing initiatives and generally discuss what it’s like to teach tools outside the classroom - whether that’s to your parents, classmates, or in the community.

Please RSVP here. We are getting cookies!

Thank you, Diya Das and Caroline Cypranowska