The Berkeley Carpentries Club


The Berkeley Carpentries Club serves to connect instructors of research computing workshops in the Berkeley, California area. We aim to begin as a network, but our focus is three-fold: 1) helping instructors learn from and support each other, 2) improving teaching skills in our instructor community, and 3) offering workshops to our local community. We draw our name from the Carpentries, which “teach[es] foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide,” but we include those from outside the Carpentries community as well. We do follow the Carpentries Code of Conduct.

How to Join:

Anyone interested in the teaching of research computing and data science workshops is welcome to join our network. You do not need to be affiliated with UC Berkeley, the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, or the Carpentries to join. “The Berkeley, California area” is also liberally interpreted :)

Start a pull request against our who we are page on GitHub.

Our Expertise:

Check out who we are and what we teach!


For in-person meetings, we would likely meet at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. Room 190, Doe Library, The University of California - Berkeley. It is on the ground floor of the main library. If you walk up the big marble steps across Memorial Glade, then turn left right as you walk in, you’ll be there!


We don’t have plans to meet regularly yet!